Correction 'The Columbine Tapes'

         The document I’m about to present is a front page of the ‘Time’ newspaper about the Columbine High School events. Indeed, the document includes a red edging all around it, the word ‘Time’ written in huge red letters at the top of the document with the word ‘Exclusive’ written in white block letters which makes me think it is a special issue of the magazine. Moreover below the word ‘Time’ there is another title in big red block letters “The Columbine Tapes” which indicates that special issue is about the Columbine events. There is some other text next to that second title detailing what the magazine is really going to be about : the killers’ reasons shown through their home videos and the actions taken in order to prevent another event of that kind.

         In the lower section of the document, there is a picture in black and white which I think is an extract from what a surveillance camera in the school cafeteria recorded the day of the shootings. There is a caption (légende) at the bottom right corner of the picture which confirms that thought, indeed it is written “The school cafeteria surveillance videos”. At the bottom of the picture there is also written camera details such as the time.

         When focusing on the picture itself, on the background, I can see several chairs and tables as well as stairs on the right which concurs with (concorder) the scenery explained earlier. I can also notice that those chairs are all messed-up, some of them are on the floor and the rest of them, although standing, are not facing the tables as they should be. Indeed, at that time of day (11.57), firstly the chairs should be around the tables, and secondly there should be teenagers on them. The fact that they are not, plus the fact that there is no food on the tables induce (induire) that something isn’t right, that maybe something went wrong that day.

         On the foreground, perhaps there is the reason for the chairs and tables’ chaos, indeed, I can see two teenage boys carrying several weapons such as a shotgun and a submachine gun. The boy on the left is not facing the camera, he appears to be looking at the back of the room toward the chairs and tables. He is wearing black pants and a white t-shirt. The other teenager is not facing the camera either, he seems to be looking toward the left of the room where he is walking to. He is wearing army pants, a black t-shirt and some sort of black cap or bandana.

         Although the two boys are standing not even a meter away from each other, they are not looking toward the same direction, and they are not looking at one another. It could be because they had different objectives at that point of the day and they didn’t need to talk to each other to know what to do, which makes me think that they were very well prepared before the events happened.

The first one, while looking at the back of the room, may be watching some teenagers hiding under tables or perhaps some bombs or fire they had set off earlier. The other one is walking to the left of the room, I suppose he’s moving to another room or is on patrol (faire une ronde).

The last interesting detail of the picture in my opinion is that even though they were prepared and heavily armed, both teenagers don’t seem to have taken into account surveillance cameras. Indeed, they are not hiding from them and are not wearing any kind of masks. The most plausible reason for that is that they didn’t care to be recognized. They wanted to people to know who had done it, which also implies they didn’t intend to come out of the school alive.        

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