Correction image 'Verbal bullying'

The document I’m about to present is a drawing in black and white on the photocopy but certainly coloured in a childish way on the original.

         The drawing is taking place in a classroom, we can see that from the maths written on the board and the three lined desks in the foreground. The three characters are seated at their desks, they’re all girls. The girl on the left has got black hair, black eyes and is wearing what seems to be a blue dress with black buttons and black shoes. The girl in the middle is also wearing a blue dress but without buttons and with brown shoes. She has got red hair in bunches (pigtails) and quite light eyes. She seems to be writing something on the white paper in front of her. The girl on the right of the picture is wearing a blue dress with a yellow collar and buttons, and black shoes. She has got black hair in a bun and appears to be talking to the girl on her right.

         There are three speech bubbles above the girls, the speech bubble in the centre is more a ‘thoughts’ bubble as it is directed to the redheaded girl with smaller bubbles.

         The two teenagers around the girl in the centre are saying mean things to her, such as “You’re ugly” and “Nobody likes you” which makes me think of verbal and emotional bullying. It is confirmed by the girl’s thoughts “Please leave me alone”. From what I’ve observed they may be bullying her because of her red hair which is different than theirs or maybe because of her good work at school (she’s indeed taking notes). Whatever the reason, we can see that the two bullying girls are having fun doing it because they are smiling. The girl in the middle however may not stand it anymore as she looks sad and on the verge of tears.

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